Woman in white long sleeve cropped top and black high-waisted pants, partial front view on white background
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Woman standing in a white crop top with long sleeves paired with black pants, full body on white background

Impeccable Elegance: White Crop Top with Long Sleeves

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Our White Long Sleeve Crop Top is not only a stylish garment, but also a statement accessory, perfect for any occasion. This model combines impeccable elegance, comfort and modern design.


1. White Color Cleanliness:

A deep shade of white adds light and cleanliness, will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

2. Crop Top Style - Perfect Accent:

Crop top with long sleeves - a modern and exclusive style accent, reflecting fashion trends.

3. Long Sleeves:

The long sleeves give the garment versatility, so you can enjoy it in all seasons.

4. High Comfort - Soft Fabric:

The high-quality fabric ensures softness, and the Crop Top model allows for freedom of movement.

Why Choose This Crop Top?

  • White Color Light: You will gain elegance and charm.
  • Crop Top Style - Modern And Expressive: A fashion item that expresses your style.
  • Long Sleeves - Seasonal Versatility: Ideal combination from spring to winter.
  • Soft Fabric - Comfort Everyday: Feel stylish and comfortable in any situation.

This Long Sleeve Crop Top will become your fashion statement, giving you a flawless look and feel. Order this outfit and let the fashion vibes flow!

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Product color is white.

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Customer Reviews

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Great shirt, I couldn't find it anywhere

I bought this long sleeve white crop top and it's just perfect. Stylish, modern and very comfortable. Perfect for both colder days and parties. The material is soft and pleasant to the body, and the long sleeves provide warmth.