Triko: Versatility for Every Movement

by Evelina Kalinauskaitė-Karnatkė on Jan 16, 2024

Three women showcasing the versatility of trikot apparel in activities such as yoga, dance, and casual wear.

The leotard is an integral part of the world of sports and dance, but its uses and benefits go far beyond these areas. This one-piece garment, which fits the body and allows the skin to breathe, is ideal not only for professional athletes, but also for anyone who values ​​comfort and freedom of movement.

Possibilities of Use

Sports and Fitness

Due to its elasticity and comfort, leotards are often chosen by representatives of various sports. It does not restrict movement and is perfect for yoga, gymnastics, running or even martial arts.

Dance and Stage

Triko is invaluable for dancers and performing artists, where every detail of movement is important. It allows performers to feel free and comfortable, whether it's ballet, modern dance or a musical performance.

Everyday Fashion

The latest fashion trends show that leotards are not only suitable for sports or dancing. It has become a fashionable element of the everyday image, due to its versatility and ability to match with different clothes.



The leotard is made of elastic materials such as elastane, which allow the garment to stretch and adapt to every movement of the body.


Often leotards are made of materials that allow the skin to breathe. This is especially important when playing sports or performing intense physical exercises.

Clothing Sustainability

The leotards are made to withstand multiple washes and wear cycles, preserving their colors and shape, which is important for active wear.


Modern leotards are not only functional, but also aesthetic. They are available in different colors and designs to suit different tastes and styles.


One of the biggest advantages of leotards is their comfort. The stretchy yet firm material hugs the body for all-day comfort.


The leotard, with its flexibility, breathability and aesthetics, is a great choice not only for sports and dance, but also for everyday wear. It gives freedom of movement without any restrictions and is a fashionable garment suitable for various occasions. Although once considered a niche garment, today the leotard has established itself as one of the most versatile and comfortable garments in our wardrobe.

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Bright and colorful children's leotards with various embellishments on display, hanging against a backdrop of a children's dancewear store with posters of young dancers in the background. Assortment of women's leotards in various designs and colors neatly displayed on a neutral background, highlighting the diverse styles for gymnastics or dance.
Children's leotard Women's leotard
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